Meet Dr. Dee-Fense

Dr. Dee-Fense delivers lectures and presentations to colleges and corporations.   He has more
than twenty-two years of program management, information systems, recruiting, training and
development, and business solutions experience in several disciplines including aerospace
engineering; military command, control and communications systems.  During his distinguished
military career, he has held senior executive management positions with The United States Air
Force and The University of Georgia (UGA). As a former Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies
at UGA, he recruited, trained, and consulted with executives from around the world. Dr. Dee-Fense
has served as the Sexual Assault Coordinator for the United States Air Force at two military bases
and UGA. At UGA, he taught a freshmen-level leadership course and was responsible for the
administrative operations and overseen the development, marketing, publications, recruiting and
media relations initiatives.  Dr. Dee-Fense also was a finalist for a statewide contract for Rape
Prevention in Georgia.  He has extensive experience in developing effective education and outreach
programs. Dr. Dee-Fense’s commitment to the victims’ has led him to receive the rights to market the
series “Rape is not an Option”.  In addition, he has developed successful partnerships with faith-based
groups and effective relationships with nonprofits and for profit organizations. These partnerships have
been successful in disseminating messages about victims of crime at the grassroots level.  Dr. Dee-Fense is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a proud Saluki.  He holds a PhD in Business a MBA and a MAED. He also holds a BSED in Education, Training, and Development.  He has published numerous articles and technical papers.