“Super Speaker” When he began speaking about sexual assault and children, the Soldiers became silent while he talked about internet safety. (Lisa Evans, Public Affairs Staff, Fort Dix Post)

Dr. Dee-Fense, “You’re Hired! (Kelly Perdew—winner of the Apprentice 2)

Dr. Dee, You’ve got the goods to make great things happen!  Take Action! De Oppresso Liber (Larry Broughton, former Special Forces Operator, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year, and NaVOBA’s Vetrepreneur of the Year)

Dr. Dee, Ready – Set – ACTION!  Make it happen…Thanks for being part of our VSI program. (Phil Dyer, West Point Graduate and America’s Entrepreneur Strategist)

Dee, Wishing you great SUCCESS! (Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine)

Dee, Semper Fi (R. Lee Ermey)

Dee, I think it might make sense to get together and see if there is a fit.   (Bill Simon, CEO, Wal-mart)

Dee, I don’t think I will ever forget you! My daughters said that you were there favorite hero…keep up your positive vibe! (William (Bill) Hall, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors,
Private Client Group)

Hey there Dee!  Please stay in touch – I really enjoyed spending time with you. (Michael Peterson, Entertainer and Entrepreneur)

 Dr. Dee, You have been a Rock of Encouragement through the Storm that God allowed into my life……(J.T. Thompson, Hip Hop Hall of Fame Founder and Entrepreneur)

Dee, Your professional conduct reflects very positively not only on you, but on the whole Air Force and military services. (Lt Col Buonaugurio, USAF)

Captain…., You are truly a representative of the pride and distinction that has become our hallmark (Lieutenant General John D. Hopper, Jr., USAF, Retired)

(Dr. Dee) …has the ability to take technical or controversial information and humanize it for the audience (Dr. Gary Dribelbis, Solano College)

It’s a unique quality to be able to look beyond your own personal needs and see the needs of others.  By doing your part to address those needs, you have made South Dakota a better place to live (George S. Mickelson, Former Governor of South Dakota, Deceased)

Dee, I appreciate all you do for our great Air Force and country.  (Eric W. Benken, CMSAF, Retired)