Sexual Assault

With a forcible sexual assault committed every minute, you must protect yourself because “Rape is Not an Option.”  We urge you to become aware and to protect yourself.  Forcible sexual assault is at crisis proportions, and all women (and some men) are at risk.

Dr. Dee-Fense presents “Rape is not an Option.”  Sexual assault is not an act of passion.  It is a violent act of power and control.  The offender uses sex as a weapon to dominate and humiliate the victim.

I need you aware and focusing on not becoming a victim.  No one ever asks to be raped.  A victim is never at fault.  Sexual assault happens to women, men, and children; all ages, ethnic groups and income levels.  The offender is usually, but not always, male.  Most often he or she is someone the victim knows – a trusted friend, a family member, a neighbor, a teacher, a member of the clergy, etc.  Anyone who has been forced to have sex has been raped.  Even if the offender was a husband or boyfriend, even if drugs and/or alcohol were used, and even if the victim did not physically fight back.  If we survive a sexual attack, we may be tarnished for life.  Our lives, our marriages, our futures can be ruined.  And those of you who report the attack will again become victims – this time in an overburdened judicial system.  The vast majority of us have not planned for that unthinkable event.  We do not know how to avoid an attack, if we can, or how to try to escape, if we must.
For years, our primary option has been to submit.  In some instances, submission may be wise, but today the rules have changed.  AIDS and other diseases can cause death.

LET US TRAIN YOU.  Dr. Dee-Fense has a program that focuses on how to keep you from becoming a victim.  We help you become aware of potentially dangerous situations, think clearly about your options, and then execute a plan that is best for you under the circumstances.  Please…consider your family, your loved ones, and yourself.  Purchase this valuable training today.  We hope you never need it.  But, if the unthinkable happens, it may be the best investment you ever made.  Contact us now!